Standard CD Cover Template

(Requires Microsoft Word)


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[Sample output, if used by Coldplay]


Features of Standard CD Cover Template

Advantages of using the CD Cover Template are:


Data input form, using MS-Word mail-merge facilities



Follow the intructions in the order given below:

  1. Extract all the files from the zip file
  2. Open "Standard Template Front Cover" file
  3. When asked for a password, enter "password"
  4. If you encounter the message below then:
    • Click on "Find Data Source"
    • Select "Standard Template Data Source"

  5. From the menu select View->Toolbars->Mail Merge
  6. The mail merge tool bar is now visible. Click on the following button and notice the effect:

    The "View Merged Data" button will display data in the cover's fields

  7. Save and close the document - there is a good reason for this!
  8. From now on, always open the document "Read Only", ie DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD
    This will stop accidental changes to the cover layout, a very easy mistake with mail merge documents...
  9. Press the "Edit Data Source" button on the mail merge tool bar and enter your CD data

    Screen available from the "Edit Data Source" button, top-right of the mail merge toolbar

  10. Press Ok when you have finished adding, deleting and editing records
    Select the record to print with the arrow buttons on the mail merge toolbar and then just go File->Print

The back cover is produced using the same method
However, you only need to enter the data once into the mail-merge database because both covers use the same data source


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